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Futrotech Co., Ltd.

Based on 30 years of experience in the field of thermoelectric devices, FUTUROTEC develops and supplies highly durable thermoelectric devices with powder metallurgy and extrusion methods.

We supplies the best performance devices in the fields of TEC cooling, heating, Waste energy recycling generation, and various thermoelectric elements optimized for customer’s needs.

Since we have original patents related to thermoelectric elements, there is no problem when customers apply our thermoelectric Modules to your products.

Especially In the TEC cooling field, there is no need supply low-temperature chiller water or other coolants that is normally used before.

So you can accomplish your device to -60℃ with easy only with process cooling water (DI water) of fields or ambient 20℃ cooling water.

In addition, in the field of Waste Energy recycling power generation, FUTUROTEC supplied various kinds of waste heat recycling generationdevices with excellent durability and you can use maximum 1 watt/cm2 electricity generation at a high temperature of 400℃.

Now, we are also achieving synergy effects with green energy.

With a heart for customers, Futrotech Co., Ltd., which is with the ever-changing era, always contributes to the business and development of customers based on cryogenic cooling, heating, temperature differential power generation and constant temperature solutions using various thermoelectric solutions.

Now, we are also achieving synergy effects with green energy.
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