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Smoke Measuring Equipment Temperature Maintainer

Instrument air quench system for environmental gas measurement

*. This system is a device applied to environmental measuring instruments, even when chimney smoke of 100 ~ 150 ° C enters. It is a device that removes dust and moisture in the air and maintains it at 20 ℃ at all times before the test.

General Installation In and out door
Ambient temperature 20 ~ 25 Celsius(℃)
Ambient humidity 40 ~ 80 % RH
Power specifications AC Free Volt
Adjustment range -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ (when adopting 30mm insulation)
Automatic temperature setting by interface Target temperature and temperature can be set by PC Provision of protocol if necessary
specifications Operation (EASY Handling) Manual Botton
By PC Program
Cooling capacity up to 1 Kwatt/sec
Heating ability up to 1.4 Kwatt/sec
Temperature precision ± 0.1 ℃
Others Safety device Power circuit overvoltage protection device
FUSE, Auto Stop Circuit Control Board wire connection
Wire connection Multi Connector
Operation Operation signal Yellow Light
heating signal RED Light
cooling signal Green Light
current temperature Upper Number
target temperature Down Number
Temperature control Manual operation possible
PC control Possible (temperature data storage, output, review)/RS232C
Automatic temperature graph creation function monitor real time display
Temperature program control Possible, automatic temperature operation without operator
Unmanned automatic cycling operation optional
Body color Ivory, yellow
Product size 250 x 90 x 355 mm
weight 2 Kg