TEC, TEG Performance testing device

  • TEC, TEG Performance testing device
  • TEC cycling tester for cooling device performance verification

TEC cycling tester for cooling device performance verification

Cycling tester for durability test and inspection of thermoelectric modules for cooling and heating

Bi2Te3 metal, widely used among thermoelectric materials, which is the core material of thermoelectric devices, is highly oxidizable in the air. Especially for metals produced by the existing Zone Melting Process. The strength of the inner metal is very weak. When cutting thermoelectric metal produced from bar-shaped ingots according to its own purpose, mechanical shock to the internal metal may cause defects during use. There are various systems for verifying the durability of a thermoelectric element, but it is a common method to verify durability while applying electric shock and thermal shock to the thermoelectric element through a cycling test.

Cycling test verification of our thermoelectric Module

Cycling testing method

For cold and hot thermoelectric elements, a temperature sensor is placed on a cooling device equipped with a thermoelectric element to measure durability. By changing the temperature of the thermoelectric element from 0℃ to 90℃ to 0℃ as one cycle, you can continuously conduct the cycling test as many times as your company's standard number of times.

Endurance certification conditions.
  • Cycle times: The thermoelectric element should operate normally up to your company's standard number of cycles.
  • When the resistance of the thermoelectric element was measured after the cycle test If the change in resistance of the thermoelectric element is within +/- 10% of the initial resistance measurement
Advantages of our thermoelectric element cycling tester.
  • It is designed to be used for voltage and current of various thermoelectric elements.
  • 0℃~90℃~0℃ cycling test takes 25 days for our system compared to 120 days for foreign companies.
General Installation In and out door
Ambient temperature 20 ~ 25 Celsius(℃)
Ambient humidity 40 ~ 80 % RH
Power specifications AC Free Volt
Adjustment range -65 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ (when adopting 30mm insulation)
Automatic temperature setting by interface Target temperature and temperature can be set by PC Provision of protocol if necessary
specifications Operation (EASY Handling) Manual Botton
By PC Program
Cooling capacity up to 1 K watt/sec
Heating ability up to 1.4 K watt/sec
Temperature precision ± 0.1 ℃
product composition Applied thermoelectric module high-efficiency anticorrosive coating (domestic patent) specifications HotExtrusion Specification for High Efficiency
Temperature Senser Selection according to customer requirements (PT100dOhm,K,T)
Cooling block Color Anodized AL 6061 Block
Chiller All-in-one thermal chiller
Detachable Thermal electric chiller or Freon compressor chiller
Memory heat conduction method Provided by us according to customer specifications
Others PC control program Provide our version
Safety device Power circuit overvoltage protection device
FUSE, Auto Stop Circuit Control Board wire connection
Wire connection Multi Connector
Temperature control Manual operation possible
PC control Possible (temperature data storage, output, review)/RS232C
Automatic temperature graph creation function monitor real time display
Temperature program control Possible, automatic temperature operation without operator
Unmanned automatic cycling operation optional
Body color Ivory, yellow
Product size and weight Temp controller 250 x 90 x 355 mm / 4 Kg/td>
External blood chiller 300 x 300 x 200 mm / 20 Kg