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TEG Smart Light

Waste heat recovery smart light (patent application completed)

It is a next-generation smart light that can turn on lights in industrial sites and supply power to peripheral devices by using power generation using waste heat using thermoelectric elements.

The core technology of the product.
  • Temperature difference generator capable of responding to 350℃
  • Micro-generator ( 200 x 150 x 60 mm )
  • Lightweight generator (within 3kg)
  • A lithium polymer battery is installed to supply surplus electricity after turning on smart lights.
  • Equipped with an Auto Step Up & Down circuit that converts generated power into a constant voltage A device capable of always supplying a constant voltage regardless of the power generation voltage according to the temperature of the high-temperature part
  • Output voltage can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Attaching a micro-load to maximize the power generated by a thermoelectric element that does not require a separate electronic load
  • A device that can check the amount of power generation at any time (Zigbee or RF module)