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Small Chiller for Lab

Small LABORATORY CHILLER for laboratory use

In a system of thermoelectric modules, according to the law of conservation of energy, heat is generated on the opposite side of the cooling part. In this case, the use of DI water in the semiconductor process is not a problem, but many small chillers are used in research institutes and schools for experiments. Here, a chiller is used to provide cooling water.

Items Details
General Part Name FU-CH-300W FU-CH-1000W FU-CH-1700W
Installation In and out door
Ambient temperature 20 ~ 25 Celsius(℃)
Ambient humidity 40 to 80% R.H.
Power specifications AC Free Volt
Adjustment range 5 ℃ ~ 30℃
Temperature precision ± 0.2 ℃
Electrical Operation (EASY Handling) Manual Botton
By PC Program
COOLING POWER watt 400 1000 1670
Btu / hour 1,365 3,413 5,700
Kcal / hour 335 838 1,400
Input Power AC Free Volt
Temp Control Full Auto
Safety overvoltage protection device
Alarm for leckage of coolant Lighting and alarm when coolant is insufficient
Chiller current temperature Display
target temperature TURN ON WITH START BOTTON
cooling fluid R 410 A
pump power 0.05KW
maximum lift 12M
water output amount 19L/min
water tank capacity 7L
others body color Ivory, yellow
weight 30 Kg
Dimension 55*28*43cm(L*W*H)
coolant tank level Can be checked with the view level scale